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Project title: Local/regional economic development Network as decisive leverage point for enhanced competitiveness in the Black Sea Basin regions


Project partners: Beneficiary: Fund “Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia”

Gegharkunik chamber Commerce and Industry of Armenia (GCCI), Armenia


Business Advisory Center, Moldova

Caucasian Institute for Economic and Social research, Georgia

“Business Agency” NGO, Bulgaria

Overall objective:


Building of local LRED main players’ entrepreneurial and administrative capacities to enhance social, information, trade and other links on local level, as well as between partner countries hence encouraging national governments to scale-up cooperation opportunities and synergize efforts towards better life in the Black Sea Basin.


Specific objectives:

  • Project Partners are equipped with innovative LRED promotion tools and disseminate them through local level measures.
  • Local administrations and other important stakeholders are implementing local economic development initiatives and activating new types of services or new ways of providing existing services.
  • Permanent economic and social relations are set-up between local stakeholders from different countries involved in the project
  • through an LRED network.
  • Entrepreneurs adopting innovations and starting new production
  • Entrepreneurs I economic agents achieving new skills and competencies.


Target group:

The target groups of the Project are all relevant stakeholders on local level responsible or committed to LRED: local administrations; mayors, city councils, private sector, NGOs, Civil society organizations, regional development agencies, Business service providers, active people etc. Another target group is start-ups and operating SMEs in the selected communities. More than 500 SMEs and start-ups will be involved in the activities of the JA. Out of those 500 at least 250 SMEs and start-ups will get direct support through trainings, consul ting etc.


Final beneficiaries:

Final beneficiaries are the populations of 15 selected areas involved in the project. At this point it is hard to mention quantified data since pilot areas will be selected during the first months of project implementation based on selection criteria of PACA method (demand driven approach, motivated and ready to changes communities). Nevertheless, not less than 100,000 people in Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Greece will benefit from improved local development planning,  better municipal services, better business environment and infrastructure.


Main activities:

GA 1. Enhancing project partners’ capacities for LRED promotion

GA 2. Development local administrative capacities for effective LRED promotion

GA 3. Consolidation of LED results/establishment of LRED Network

GA 4. Coaching of cross border initiatives

GA 5. Visibility of the Action

GA 6. Management and coordination of the Action